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Tackling The Question Of Social Media ROI: Change Your Goals

Posted on 5th April, by Drew Waltman in News. No Comments

Let’s face it: one of the biggest challenges social media faces is the question of return on investment. If I funnel money to fund a social media campaign or presence, what will I get out of it? Bloggers and researchers struggle to quantify fans and followers, with research company Syncapse releasing a study that quantifies them somewhere in the hundreds of dollars. But here’s another question for you: how do you measure ROI on any business promotion, plan or endeavor? The answer: you set clear, realistic and significant goals, and success is measured by how well you attain them. Too often in social media, a Facebook page or Twitter account is created without any thought as to why, the goal it should obtain and the part it plays for your larger business objectives. Sure, you can create a page and … Read More »

Social Networking Strategy

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Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself when forming your social networking strategy:

1. What are the needs of my business? Hopefully, you’re not putting your company name on a social networking account just to send messages back and forth to former high school classmates, so there has to be an impetus. Figure out what your needs are. Are you short-staffed? Is your advertising budget running thin?

2. What am I using the site for? After you’ve established your needs, consider the primary goal of your social networking strategy. Do you want to recruit employees for a certain department? Do you want to market a new line of products? Do you want to connect to more people in your industry?

3. Whose attention am I trying to get? Okay, so you want to market that new line of products, for example. … Read More »